Company Description

Our client is an international industry leader dedicated to delivering excellent construction services and building long-term client relationships. They aim to bring their sustainable innovation to the oil and gas, energy, hospitality, retail, and real estate sectors across the globe.

Job Description

The Refinery Manager will be reporting directly to the Operations manager, Process Engineering manager, Laboratory manager, HSE manager, Administration manager, Engineering and Maintenance manager, Hydrocarbon Logistic manager, Production Accounting manager.

Will be responsible for:

The daily operations of the refinery and ensuring that targets are reached. Ensure the health and wellbeing of all staff, contractors, and even the surrounding community. Ensure the compliance of statutory regulations. Ensure the organization’s goals are clearly defined, aligned, implemented, and followed. Control the refinery’s annual expense, investment budgets, profitability, and short-term and long-term planning.

Ensure that the products meet the specifications. Ensure the refinery’s overall mission statement is outlined. Establish Key Performance indicators (KPIs) and regularly track performance. Handle expense and investment budgets, as well as the management systems. Carry out health, safety, and environment activities. Ensure security within the refinery. Liaise with the authorities and media. Carry out maintenance and turnaround work.

Ensure QA/QC activities are carried out effectively. Communicate with the organization’s board of directors. Ensure that department procedures are developed and up to date. Ensure that the team is working together and following the same goals. Make sure that the investment proposals are developed according to the costing and technical requirements.

Education and Experience

To be successful, candidates will have a degree in Engineering or the equivalent. Must have experience in oil and gas downstream operations and at least 15 years’ manager level refinery experience. Will have demonstrated ability in coordinating multi-disciplinary activities and the ability to work across different departments.