Oil and gas projects encompass a broad range of activities involved in the exploration, extraction, refining and distribution of petroleum and LNG resources. These projects can be onshore or offshore depending on the oil reserves. These projects require a significant investment and importantly play a crucial role in global energy supply and economic development.

They face increasing environmental challenges as well as geopolitical risks, which has driven the industry to seek more sustainable practices, as well as alternative energy sources.

Staffing for oil and gas projects involves assembling teams with diverse expertise to ensure successful project execution. These projects typically require personnel with backgrounds in engineering which can be mechanical, chemical, petroleum, geosciences, project management, health and safety, procurement, commercial and planning. 

Oil and Gas Engineers play a crucial role in designing and overseeing these operations including downstream to the refining processes. 

Effective staffing of these project involves assessing project requirements, identifying necessary skill sets, and assembling relevant and suitable professionals capable of overcoming the challenges and issues that are unique to the oil and gas industry.

At Jackson Scott, we have been involved in multiple oil and gas projects and been involved on providing Engineering talent and experts across projects throughout the Asian and Middle east regions.