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When your project ends and you are looking for the next opportunity, do please get in touch with a specialist recruiter that understands that moving from one country to another project internationally isn’t a smooth process. At Jackson Scott, we aim to help you find a new technical opportunity on a new mega project.
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Company Description Our Client is an international Claims Consultant that provides construction contract consultancy services to the construction engineering, power,

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Construction in Singapore

Singapore  has embarked on several large scale construction projects; Projects such as the DTSS, extensions to the comprehensive MRT system, the mega port at Tuas, Changi terminal upgrades as well as the proposed and many revisions to the High Speed Rail link, starting in Singapore and terminating in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.  These projects to name

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Dubai’s Clean Energy Strategy 2050

We all know Dubai within the United Arab Emirates but did you know how green Dubai plans to be by 2050? Dubai has a clear vision to deliver 75% of the UAE’s energy needs from clean, green renewable energy by 2050. Linked into this they have a pioneering vision and strategy to become a city

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Mega Solar Parks

Mega Solar Parks are getting bigger and bigger in capacity. Here we look at some of the largest ones across the Middle East and North African (MENA) region. Noor Abu Dhabi, UAE In Arabic, the word “Noor” means light. This project in Abu Dhabi began commercial operations in 2019 which has the capacity to power

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