Working in Singapore – Is Singapore right for you?

We have compiled the following information to help you decide if working in Singapore is right for you if you are a Building Project Manager, a Planning Engineer, or a Quantity Surveyor looking for work within Singapore.

Singapore has a very diverse population with three main and diverse groups, made up of Chinese, Malay and Indian races. English is the national language, with Mandarin, Tamil and Bahasa also being spoke frequently in business and commercial Singapore has consistently ranked as one of the least corrupt economies; Singapore’s unique combination of a strong government is regarded as a key factor behind Singapore’s political and economic stability and harmonious social order.

Singapore is one of the safest and cleanest countries in the world, has the most advanced military in Asia, along with military service for its population aged 18 years, however some of the laws may seem lacking in freedom by some western countries standards.

Singapore has the second largest port in the world after china and 15% of the GDP is generated by the Financial services sector with many international banks and insurance companies having Singapore as its base. Manufacturing, Construction, Oil and Gas, Aerospace are all large contributors to the services led economy.

Singapore climate is extremely humid and due to its location on the equator, the weather is very similar throughout the year which is hot, sunny with extensive and heavy rainfall on a daily basis. With a rainforest within the city and an extensive plan to transform Singapore into a city with abundant lush greenery and a clean environment in order to make life more pleasant for the people which resulted in Singapore becoming known as the Garden City.

Singapore has a high cost of living as everything is imported, with limited natural resources and this is reflected in everything you buy from supermarkets, furniture to buying a car, which is one of the highest costs in the world and you have to purchase a COE prior to getting a car. Singapore regularly tops the charts of the world’s most expensive places to live with accommodation and Education being extremely expensive, but it is of a very high standard and quality.

Schooling and Education is also very expensive and the writer can tell from personal experience of having 2 children studying in International Schools for approximately 8 years. Singapore local schooling is highly regulated but scores very high on results and they are highly regarded globally for their results. International Education establishments are high compared to other Asian locations but, as always, there is a range of choices. It must be remembered that the standard is exceptional and the campuses and range available is excellent.

Permanent Residency and obtaining a visa to work in Singapore is a highly complex and thorough and the Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM) regulates entry to protect roles for Singaporeans. Since 2015, it has become increasingly difficult and more complicated to obtain the required working permits to undertake your ideal role. Each position is taken on its merits, however searching through the MOM website will give you a more detailed and exacting viewpoint.

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